The Rabbit Hill DAO leverages the blurring lines between the physical and digital worlds to create wealth, enabling deeply human experiences for its members. 

We at Rabbit Hill believe in celebrating humanity and the potential of Web3 technology and DAOs.

Our goal is to create a healthy, sustainable, and inclusive ecosystem for NFT through storytelling, using both real and virtual products. We are working on holograms. A side project is "NFTs on wheels." Using proprietary COB LED foil technology, we can display NFTs or other information on (delivery) bags or bicycle wheels, turning them into platforms for commerce or digital art.

Another product in the works is a disinfection box that inactivates viruses and bacteria, showcased at our physical space on Rabbit Hill.

We take a neutral stance on the metaverse and believe that through our collectivity labs, Rabbit Hill can make a positive impact on the world.