About Us

Chinglish B.V. is a company that has a history in Chinese-English language automation tools and is now exploring the world of Web3. They are managing Rabbit Hill and have created D'Rabbit tokens for Web3 believers. The idea is to turn Rabbit Hill into a DAO when feasible.

In addition to this, Chinglish is also developing flexible LED foil with COBstr. They have plans to create a virtual Chinglish City where Chinese and western technologies, companies, and ideas can come together. The first building in this city will be a digital twin of Rabbit Hill.

Chinglish has a keen interest in world affairs and the relationship between China and Africa in particular. They believe that China's Innoflection Point will coincide with the popularization of Chinese-English communication, interaction and inclusion. If you're interested in China business, you might enjoy reading The CEO who would conquer China, a short story about a businessman's adventures in China.

Discover Chinglish City:

Chinglish City is the virtual home for Chinese and Western technology, companies, and ideas. Experience the intersection of Chinese and English cultures and break down the barriers that have separated us for so long. Our NFT dragon-rabbits, D'Rabbits, were created to help humanity navigate the metaverse and preserve physical and mental health. You are welcome to visit our physical quarters on Rabbit Hill in Goetsenhoven, Belgium. Join the Web3 movement and become a part of our community today!