Many years ago, people lived in two separate communities. The people from the far east lived in an area known as Chinatown while the people from the far west lived in an area known as the Wild West. The inhabitants of Chinatown and the Wild West formed communities that were independent of each other. There was little interaction. The languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat the people in these communities used to communicate were completely different. The language that the oriental people used was called Chinese. The language that the western people used was called English. There was a big gap between these two worlds.

All this changed when a pandemic hit the Earth. Lockdowns were declared in many places. The leaders of both communities quickly realized they lacked the manpower and resources to deal with the massive problems that arose. It became clear that the only way to achieve their goal was to collaborate with the other community and accelerate the development of technology. It was the solution to providing the necessary resources, machines, materials and tools needed to redesign the world.

As reconstruction got under way, it became clear that both communities would benefit from having one virtual place to meet and socialize. They decided that the rebuilt area should not become a place where people were separated from each other, but rather a place for interaction. The lockdowns that followed the pandemic led to a decrease of mobility in society. This affected many people.

For the two communities to coexist peacefully, they had to find a way to break down the barriers that had separated them for so long. The first thing they did was to set up a system for communication between themselves and between themselves and the machines that were getting smarter all the time. This allowed the residents of the new space to learn from each other and develop better tools. They made sure that one language or culture did not dominate over another.

To streamline the necessary processes and ease the transition to a more virtual world, a set of 10,000 NFT dragons was created to help humanity. The dragons were engineered to love people. Chinglish City was the name they gave to the new domain, which was located in the Metaverse. The dragons generated tokens, which they called "chinglings". Their responsibility was to make sure that people would use technology in a peaceful way while staying healthy.

While created to assist people in the Metaverse, the Dragons still encouraged offline encounters to share coffee and ideas. They were convinced that a life outside the Metaverse was necessary to preserve people's physical health and to prevent mental depressions. In the Metaverse, a back door was built for the moments when people felt like leaving the virtual space to exercise and ride their COBstr Bike to visit friends for coffee and cuddles. To protect human beings against pandemics, the Dragons developed a disinfection device, using technology that was a combination of the East and the West. This device used UV-C light to prevent the transmission of viruses and bacteria through cups, mobile phones, and VR headsets. They called the device the COBstr Box.